Teok To Me

Teok To Me is a mental app which helps people release stress and monitor their mental health. The main purpose of the app is for users to practice breathing exercises for relaxation.


UI/UX Designer


Jan 2022 – May 2022


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

The Challenge

Create a unique mental health app that caters to the needs of our persona.


During the early stages of the project, each team member found a competitor (direct/indirect) and conducted a competitive analysis to access the user experience, design, features and technicalities. We utilized our findings to solidify the ideas we want to implement into our app and find solutions as to how we would stand out from the competitors.


Our goal of this web app is to provide a high learnability app which is simple, interactive, error free, and memorable. We hope this app truly help people and they will use it on a regular basis. We tried to improve the web app and aim to make it a better UIUX and more engaging and better usability.

Site Map

Design Iterations


Hi-Fi Prototype

App Run Through

0. Getting Started

Provide Teok your name before getting started. Once Teok knows your name, he will take the users to the homepage

1. Music Selection

Users may select a desired background sound from the “natural” or “instrumental” categories.

1.2. Music Selection – Sound Tips

If users are indecisive, they may return home and select “get tips”. By doing so, users will complete a short quiz to assess their mood and receive audio recommendations based on the information gathered from the quiz.

2. Duration Selection

After users have selected their audio, they may select a duration for their relaxation session.

3. Time to Relax!

Sit back and relax! Teok will guide you in controlling your breathing. Rinse and repeat until your soul is healed. 🙂

Meet Teok!

Teok was implemented into the app to give users a sense of comfort and the feeling of wanting to “teok” about their feelings. The design of Teok was to keep it gender neutral and bubbly. Teok’s name is inspired by the Korean translation for rice cake to put an emphasis on our softness of our feelings and Teok.

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