Hello, I’m Angelyne Tran!

I’m a creative, curious and empathetic UI/UX designer based in Vancouver. I find joy in utilizing my design skills to create intuitive and user-centered experiences.

👇Recent Projects👇

Neko Teikoku

Lead Designer

Neko Teikoku (Cat Empire) is a cozy cat web application where users can grow their empire by attracting other cats and feeding them food!


UI/UX Design

LocalToMe is a web app that locates and provides low-income families/individuals with free & accessible food resources near their area within their budgets.


UI/UX Design

Sezi is a high-end, upscaled hair studio website which makes use of a vibrant colour theme and gives off a funky refreshing feel.

Teok To Me

UI/UX Design

Teok To Me is a mental app which helps people release stress and monitor their mental health. The main purpose of the app is for users to practice breathing exercises for relaxation.

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