Neko Teikoku


Lead Designer


Jan 2022 – March 2022


Figma, Procreate

Project Brief

Neko Teikoku (Cat Empire) is a cozy cat web application where users can grow their empire by attracting other cats and feeding them food!

I collaborated in a team of 2 designers (including myself) and 1 developer from BCIT’s Digital Design and Development. As the lead designer for this project, some of my responsibilities include creating various prototypes, creating design assets and building front end components.


Neko Teikoku is inspired by cozy casual games such as Neko Atsume, Magikarp Jump and other idle games. The overall feel and design of the game is to provide players a sense of nostalgia through the hand-drawn assets and warm colours.

Players’ home after logging in.

Design Assets

Weather Icons

User Interface Icons

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